Gary Moonboots is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist composer Olivier Rutten. His compositional style, often recognized as innovative, depicts an organic blend of orchestral landscapes infused with captivating electronic. He creates imaginative soundcapes that combine seamlessly with the rest of the soundtrack, enhancing the drama and developing distinctive and immersive musical scores.

Olivier is originally from Liège in the south-east of Belgium, after graduating from Liège University (IT), he studied music at the jazz studio of Antwerpen and London College of Music, specialising in music composition and film music.

Gary Moonboots boasts a diverse background and unparalleled expertise in the art of film composition that sets him apart from his contemporaries. With his formal training in music and years of experience in the industry, Gary has developed a deep understanding of the intricate relationship between music and visuals. This allows him to create compositions that perfectly blend with the film’s narrative, heightening emotions and intensifying the impact of each scene.

Another of Gary Moonboots greatest strengths as a film composer lies in the ability to harness the power of imagination. When tasked with bringing a film to life through music, Gary immerses himself in the story, allowing his creative spirit to run wild. This imaginative approach enables him to create soundscapes that transport audiences into the heart of the film’s universe, enhancing their connection to the story.

Gary Moonboots’ innate creativity and deep understanding of storytelling make him an ideal choice for any filmmaker. His diverse range of musical styles, meticulous attention to detail, and commitment to bringing the director’s vision to life ensure that an unforgettable score accompanies every film he works on.